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Handmade bright T-shirt and silk handkerchief in tie-dye style

Greetings from master

“Shibori” is an ancient traditional technique of ornaments on fabric, created by its folding, knotting and other deformations. One of the variants — trendy “tie-dye”. We offer you three types with which you can make a colorful outfit by yourself.

We will deliver your order or transfer it to the courier service within 24 hours.

Set contents

3 paint pots
3 cotton patches for trials
Silk handkerchief
Cotton T-shirt
Pot for water
A skein of twine
Safety gloves
10 elastic bands
3 plastic cups
Polyethylene for surface covering
10 beads
2 brushes: synthetic and foam



Podcast with a master

Our video tutorials

About color match
In this video we will tell how to work with paint which we’ve put into the set. How to mix them, which colors you can get out of them and how it all looks on fabric. Also, you will discover the basics of color theory, it can help you to choose bright matches for everything.
Video class from master
In this video we step-by-step will show how to decorate fabric in shibori technique. We teach you fully all the schemes written in the instruction. Let’s paint cotton patches from the set in three different ways and then — T-shirt and a silk handkerchief. We will tell you about specifics and useful lifehacks.


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What we are frequently asked about
Do I need to watch all videos or instruction is enough?
Our materials work best in complex. Instruction shows core, basic things, and video demonstrates the process in detail, with specifics, lifehacks, comments on each step. That’s why it is better to see everything.
What kind of paint is used in the set?
In the set we use Pebeo acrylic paint for fabric. We chose this paint because it: 
  • gives intense and bright color;
  • easy in use;
  • fixes with a simple iron; 
  • after setting it doesn’t give thick solid surface — garments stay soft;
  • washing-friendly.
Does the paint wash-out? Does it color other clothes?
Our paint, like any other acrylic one, stays on the surface as a solid coat and doesn’t penetrate fiber structure. Friction and other deformations, of course, can harm this acrylic coat, that’s why decorated garments are recommended for delicate cleaning. With correct fixing technique (it is fully showed in our video class) the paint stays well on fabric. But first washes should be done separately and further it’s not advised to mix them with white and fair clothes.
How much does delivery cost?
Delivery across Moscow within MRR — 450 rubles, farther MRR — calculates separately. In other cases, delivery is made by courier services CDEK, Boxberry or Russian Post and calculates via the tariffs of chosen company. Also, we have free pick-up option from our office. Address: Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt, 158, apt. 0132.

Learn more about delivery in payment and delivery section.
When will I get my nekorobka?
We will deliver it or transfer to courier service across Moscow within 24 hours since the order placement.

Learn more about delivery in payment and delivery section.
Can I refuse from the order if I am not satisfied with the contents?
You can refuse from accepting the set, handing it back to the courier. If the courier has already gone, just call us by telephone number +7(499) 444-24-41 or write an email to, and we will organize the return.
I liked it. What’s next?
We acquainted you with basic information on shibori dyeing technique, told you about basic techniques, schemes, paints, fabrics. You can proceed to practice on your own, because you have core options for that. You can find and try new schemes, other colors, dye different types of clothes or interior elements. It is very good to watch how other people do that, view videos or gather together and share one’s experience. More practice, not to be afraid and move on. Don’t hesitate to discuss troubles and issues in our support chat with masters and co-creators.
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