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Handmade glass holders from epoxy

Greetings from master

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In this master class we will tell you about resin art technique, or drawing with epoxy. This technique allows to get extraordinary effects on different surfaces. We’ll show how to create a piece of sea on wood glass holders by yourself.


6 cliches for coasters
Safety tablecloth
Disposable apron
Disposable cups
Wood sticks
“Sea foam”
White pigment
Wide stick
Painter’s tape
Bamboo cocktail sticks
Disposable mask
Acrylic paint “Emerald green”, “Ultramarine” and “Whitewash”
Gift packaging

Set for a creative master class “sea resin art”

nekorobka «sea resin art»
nekorobka “sea resin art” will nicely fit those who admires art, likes to search and try something new, or just wants to have fun and in the meantime make unusual coasters by himself.

Set for a creative master class “sea resin art”

nekorobka “sea resin art” will nicely fit those who admires art, likes to search and try something new, or just wants to have fun and in the meantime make unusual coasters by himself.



подстаканники из эпоксидной смолы
эпоксидная смола для творчества
resin art
подстаканники resin art
набор для эпоксидной смолы
подстаканники из эпоксидки
набор для рисования эпоксидной смолой
техника resin art

Podcast with a master

Our video tutorials

Sea resin art
In this vide class we will show the process of creation of a coaster in resin art technique. Step by step we will guide you through all the stages. Explanation provided for all peculiarities of work with epoxy, we note what’s important to think about during the process and demonstrate secrets of an ideal result.
Let’s turn the contents of our nekorobla into 6 great coasters for your cups and wine glasses.


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What we are frequently asked about
Do I need to watch all videos or instruction is enough?
Our materials work best in complex. Instruction shows core, basic things, and video demonstrates the process in detail, with specifics, lifehacks, comments on each step. That’s why it is better to see everything.
Is epoxy safe?
We chose epoxy which is safe for home use.

Its formula doesn’t have elements, harmful for health, if you stick to the safety rules in the processes of drawing and hardening.

Completely hardened pieces:
  • Are safe for long-term contact with human skin;
  • Are safe for cold food and water contacts (food safety);
  • Don’t produce harmful elements during their usage.
If you still have doubts, we can provide results of sanitary-epidemiological expertise.
What to start work with epoxy with?
Stick strictly to the instruction! Our video shows each step in the very detail. Do it with us and you will succeed.
Does the epoxy have smell?
No, epoxy from “sea resin art” doesn’t have smell, because we use special epoxy for creative needs.
How to work correctly with epoxy?
  1. Before starting to work vacuum the room, because dust can stick to epoxy.
  2. Take away animals, because their fur can stick to epoxy.
  3. Close all doors and windows. Optimal temperature for work with epoxy is 22-24 degrees.
  4. You need even surface so that epoxy could be spread onto coasters.
  5. You need a workplace where you can leave ready pieces to harden for 6 hours untouched.
  6. Use individual safety measures.
  7. If you have long hair — do them up.
  8. When finished, cool the room.
How long does epoxy harden?
6 hours. Preliminary epoxy hardening. The pieces can be stored but not used.
24 hours. Epoxy begins to turn into stone. Not recommended for use.
72 hours. Epoxy hardening. Recommended for use.
30 days. Full epoxy hardening. After this time epoxy is as hard as a stone.
How much does delivery cost?
Delivery across Moscow within MRR — 450 rubles, farther MRR — calculates separately. In other cases, delivery is made by courier services CDEK, Boxberry or Russian Post and calculates via the tariffs of chosen company. Also, we have free pick-up option from our office. Address: Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt, 158, apt. 0132.

Learn more about delivery in payment and delivery section.
When will I get my nekorobka?
We will deliver it or transfer to courier service across Moscow within 24 hours since the order placement.

Learn more about delivery in payment and delivery section.
Can I refuse from the order if I am not satisfied with the contents?
You can refuse from accepting the set, handing it back to the courier. If the courier has already gone, just call us by telephone number +7(499) 444-24-41 or write an email to, and we will organize the return.
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